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Spirit 600?

Flight aware bug or was he trying to mow the grass from 39,000?


Or maybe some major turbulence in the data feed?
Making a Bond martini, shaken, not stirred?

Ahhh defiantly a flight aware bug of some sort. That is not the path FA had shown earlier when I was watching it. According to FA it made probably 20 or 30 back and forth swaths across eastern tennessee and ga, almost from KBNA down to KAGS… Now it looks like a normal run of the mill flight. Oh well… So much for something cool.

Aha! Found it. Still think its a bug, but at least I’m not completely crazy.


That you found the flight with the anomalous data, is independent of your level of sanity or lack thereof.

An error in the input data does not an processing error, or bug, make.