Spidertracks and FlightAware


Hey guys!

I love FlightAware and use it quite often. So when I contacted Spidertracks to see what, if there was any way, to export our flight tracking data into our company spreadsheet, I was delighted to hear FlightAware may be our missing link. Here’s the story:

My company keeps a real time flight tracking google sheets document for each flight we do every day. We then have Spidertracks in each aircraft. What we have to do to maintain that google sheet is have someone constantly updating departure/arrival times manually from the Spidertracks website into our google sheet. What we’d like to be able to do is export the information on those times gathered from Spidertracks and import them into our google sheet automagically. I was speaking to a developer and he did some research with me and said that it looked as though maybe we are not the first to want to do this with Spidertracks and suggested FlightAware. My question here then, of course, is how to do that and if it’s possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Libby Parsons


Yes, we receive data from SpiderTracks and will use it for flight tracking. You will need to ensure that your SpiderTracks account has been configured on their website with the correct aircraft registration numbers, and you have enabled their checkbox to transmit data to FlightAware.

You will also want to establish a FlightAware Global account which will provide additional fleet tracking capabilities on our website, which also enables your account to track your aircraft even when they are not operating under a flight plan. FlightAware Global also provides a web interface to allow you to provide us with “advisory flight plans” that will allow us to track your planned flights, even if your aircraft are not operating under an official ATC flight plan.

FlightXML can be used to access those flights and any positional data that are derived from SpiderTracks (and ATC, ADS-B, and our other data sources), or you can choose to just view your flights on our website.


Hi there. Is it possible to export data from TracPlus to Flightaware?