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Need help for Tracking solution


Kindly let us know which one of your solutions is better for the following requirement:

hosted website that provides everyone with the ability to view flight tracks and noise in and around airport.
website must be multi-platform such that it can run on the Windows, Apple, and Droid operating systems, and run on both desktop and mobile devices. Contractor shall provide the most current version of its web-based flight tracking service, which, at a minimum shall provide the following functionality:

  1. Ability to “Pan and Zoom" around the map, and re-center or reset the map view;
  2. Use of a "My Home Locator’’ (ability to map a person’s address and display it on the map);
  3. Color customization and website integration to match the website
  4. Ability to display aircraft in near real-time (the less time delay the better, but no more than 20 minutes) and up to 3 months of historical data;
  5. Ability to view flight identification, aircraft type, altitude, origin and destination airports, and airspeed;
  6. Ability to display all flight tracks and flight information as allowed for by FAA requirements;
  7. Have standard, satellite imagery, and hybrid map layers available for the viewer’s choice;
  8. Ability for Authority to customize the colors and icons of the aircraft;
  9. Ability for Authority Staff to customize the color code of aircraft by the type of operation and airport operating to/from;
    10.Ability to fast forward, rewind, and pause the time period query; also the ability to speed up or slow down the replay speed;
    11.Ability for Authority Staff to post messages on the website;
    We are open to work with anyone who will proivde the solution based on the above requirement.
    Please reply.

FlightXML can provide the data needed for drawing aircraft positions and activity, however historical data access is limited to about 2 weeks and some types of data queries are further limited to about 24 hours. Your backend application can cache and archive that you foresee needing to access in the future, however.

How much will it cost and how long will it take to complete. Will you work with us on this or do I have to hire someone you know.

Kindly reply or reach to me via email.

Thanks a lot.

FlightAware does not do contracted development for third party intellectual property. You will need to develop your own app that uses our public api.