Space Shuttle Discovery STS-128

Discovery landed at Edwards AFB, meaning that a ferry flight will be needed. It will either be NASA 911 or NASA 905 as both SCA’s are at Dryden this time:

Discovery landing, you can really see her glow in the IR shot:

STS-128 Landing - YouTube)

What a great vid!

When does it go back to FLA?

it takes about 7-9 days to prepare an orbiter for transport, right now it is the weekend so don’t know for sure till Monday when everyone goes back to work.

images of Discovery under the mate/demate device:

Per the SSP FRR: NASA 905 primary; NASA 911 backup

So NASA 905NA will be the SCA for this trip, anyone have the link to it? For some reason NASA 905 is listed as a T-38 on here!

real 905:

alright, it seems that 905NA is traveling under NASA911, right now it is in Amarillo

NASA932 is the pathfinder:

I think last time after it left NWA it went down to HOU and did a fly by over LBJ Space Center.

Wish it would buzz cities again like they used to, haven’t seen it over MSY in years.

KTLA story Shuttle will overnight at Barksdale AFB.

NASA911 has just filed a flight plan. A BSCA is scheduled to depart from KBAD (Barksdale Afb) at 10:30AM CDT heading for KTTS (Nasa Landing Arpt) for an estimated arrival at 02:10PM EDT.

Expected route: AEX LFT GPT PNS MCF

For more information visit

Amazing! What is the rate of descent on the approach?

Psst… … D/tracklog

Don’t tell anyone. That information is secret.

Question was what is the rate of descent. Is that with or without the shuttle aboard? The tracking log doesn’t give the rate of descent. It does show the rate of descent for a particular flight, though.

I am going to go that since the plane has yet to get to FL, it was WITH the shuttle. Just going out on a limb here…

I’d have to agree. :slight_smile:

no different then if the shuttle wasn’t there. point the nose down and you descend. push the 4 levers forward to go fast or pull them back to go slow.

Well…what about the pilot in the shuttle? Is he helping out by pushin 3 levers forward and pointing the nose down too at the same time?

(example of inappropriate questions at inappropriate times)

I"m Kidding!!! :laughing: I’m sure the “palm” is coming.

No no no and no! What is the rate of descent when the shuttle itself is on approach?

Funny Beechluvr :laughing:

I typically bring her in and keep her at about a 1100 ft per minute R.O.D.
then went I get over the numbers I’ll flare and step it back around 200 then about 50 till she gently touches down.

:unamused: You may want to get the REAL deal by asking the Pilot that flies her. Just food for thought.