Southwest Airlines; Favorite Airline


Absolutely by far, is Southwest Airlines. Friendly, staff, flight attendants, pilots, and friendly atmosphere! Southwest is an airline for the working, but in the same breath, it’s a family airline. It’s the type of airline that you want to be traveling on when your with your family. Southwest has just a fun ans friendly atmosphere. I guarantee you are not going to race rolls of toilet paper down the aisle on Delta or American. I just love the overall experience of flying with Southwest. :smiley:
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Why would I want to race rolls of toilet paper. I prefer my first class seat with a warm meal or at least a coach seat with a nice $5 snack box (which I must say is worth the money compared to a vending machine). I love knowing that I have a window seat so I don’t have to race onto the plane and wait 20 minutes for the plane to push back when I can just get on right before the door closes for one last stretch of my legs.

Let me not forget, my two favorite cities are Cincinnati and Atlanta.

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I love the cheap direct flights southwest has from mdw to oma. Sure i may not have my preffered window seat or anything more then a bag a peanuts and a pop. They’ve even forgot to give me the pop once. However, for the price of my 90 minute flight, I’ll take it.


Your right, not everyone wants to race toilet paper rolls down the aisle, but I was using it as an example. The toilet paper races show the friendly atmosphere and the fact that Southwest isn’t afraid to give passengers and fun flight, especially when there are kids on board because flying can be very scary for the kids. Southwest is an airline that wants to make the flying experience of ALL a good one and if that means toilet paper races, then so be it.


The flight attendants need to learn when to shut up and quit trying to make the flight “fun” unnecessarily. A flight to St. Louis is not a morning radio show. I don’t need to sing a song on my way to Phoenix, and calling Vegas “Lost Wages” stopped being funny in 1997.


i find it fun to have the flight attendants try to liven up my flight. theres no reuqirement for you to listen to them except when they are making safety announcements.


Unfortunately, when they turn off the cabin lights to sing to a couple from Omaha, you don’t have much of a choice to listen.


I agree. I’m a reserved individual, and I value a professional demeanor. The folks at SWA, and others that I deal with for services and such, are not my buddies.

Also, this OP has posted several times on here, and is coming off as spammy.


theres no reuqirement for you to listen to them except when they are making safety announcements.

unless you fly alot :smiley:


am I the only one with the ability to tune out what I don’t want to hear? it’s not that hard of a skill to develop. just ask my wife. :slight_smile:


As long as the plane and crew are safe and I get to my destination in one piece I am happy. The fun of flying for me ended following 9/11. Now it is just a pain in the a… :cry: