South Africa - Jetstream crash lands into field . . .

ZS-NRN a SA Airlink Jetstream was departing Durban today, with 3 crew on board when it reportedly suffered an engine failure and made a forced landing - ending up in a school yard.

Apparently the school had today off, so there was nobody in the field, a road worker was struck by the plane - 2 crew and the worker have moderate? injuries - while the Captain suffered life threatening leg injuries.

Aviation Safety Network

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I don’t think their going to buff that out.

Frank Holbert

God has His hand on things like that. All I’m gonna say. :slight_smile:

Are you sure Frank? A little glue here, there, maybe some duct tape…you know… gotta be positive :laughing:

HAHAHA! :laughing: Don’t forget the electrical tape.

It’s amazing how well the aircraft held up during the forced landing into a field.

Great job captain!

I’ll say good job for keeping everyone alive. Great job would have been flying the aircraft to a successful landing or a successful aborted takeoff.

Once again, a little duct tape, some chewing gum, and bungee cord or two and the aircraft will be as good as new.

that thing is too fast for duct tape- you’ll need some 200mph tape

Need gorilla glue! :laughing:

ASN accident from 2005 The pilot of the Jetstream crash was also at the controls of this Islander crash in 2005.

Medical update the pilot has serious injuries and is very fortunate.

Johannesburg - One of the pilots flying the SA Airlink aircraft when it crashed into a school ground in Merebank shortly after take-off from the Durban International Airport died on Wednesday.

SA Airlink Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Rodger Foster, confirmed that Captain Allister Brendan Freeman, 38, died on Wednesday morning after he succumbed to complications arising from the injuries he sustained in the fatal crash.

“It is with immense sadness that we have learned that our colleague and friend, Captain Allister Freeman, passed away.”

He offered his deepest sympathy and prayers to Allister’s wife, his young children, mother, brothers, family, friends and colleagues.

The Jetstream 41 Turboprop aircraft made a crash landing on 24 September after pilots were unable to maintain altitude. The crew attempted to land the airplane on the sports field of a local school just 3km north east of the airport.

Four people sustained injuries in the crash, including the two pilots, a flight attendant who suffered back and neck injuries and a municipal worker was injured on the ground and taken to hospital.

Foster described Captain Allister as an experienced, dedicated and professional pilot. He joined Airlink in June 2008 as a First Officer.

Having passed all of the requisite performance evaluations and proficiency tests, Allister was selected for Captaincy training and subsequently achieved his Command.

“Allister will be sadly missed by all at Airlink,” said Foster, adding that they would reme

Damn, yet again. Rest in Peace… felt like I said that alot today…

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