South African Acft. in the Caribbean (link inc.)

anyone know why?

Due to the ZS the FlightAware system is reading it as a South African registration, however the BS4 - specifically the 4 - disqualifies it as an actual South African registered aircraft.

I’m on my way out right now, but it is obviously a locally based Twin Otter, I’ll assume based in Puerto Rico. N251SA and N533SW come to mind. Note flights ZSBS1 etc. also come up on FlightAware.

thank you 4 clarifing

In fact SBS is the 3 letter code for Seaborne Airlines. This aircraft (N533SW) should have had the call sign seaborne 3 instead of 4 which apply for aircraft N562CP. Probably an ATC mistake on the strip.
I dont know what the Z stands for though!
The flight was from SIG seaplane base to SSB in St Croix.
I took the scenic route for a change because this was probably the one before last flight from that seaplane base…
The service will continue on wheels from SIG.