N482SR Cirrus SR22 - fatal - chute deployment.


Crashed Sunday afternoon, Nov. 25/07 at Fairbault Municipal Airport, Minnesota. Reports suggest aircraft was landing in strong cross wind, chute was deployed, two fatal, two survive? Aircraft burst into flames on impact.
News video from KARE 11 Twin Cities area. I realize it’s another Cirrus, but with the BRS deployment, news worthy. The non-Cirrus crowd may yawn!.


The chute deployed, but from the video it appears as though it deployed after impact. The chute and line are laying straight out, and the chute is still folded. I would speculate that the rocket fired after the airplane caught fire following the crash during landing in the strong crosswind.


After reading your post, and looking at the video, as opposed to listening to the reporters!, I see clearly what you mean. I’m actually a fan of Cirrus aircraft, and am sincerely interested in learning from others misfortunes.

I did get to take a SR22-GTS for a ride, and was very impressed. Though I can see how a person with money and low flight time, can make a bad combination, especially if they get in over their head.

Incidently, we have one P-180 based at my local airport (Buttonville), C-GPDJ, what a unique sound it makes. Everytime I hear it on arrival or departure, I know instantly what it is. It’s like the local Ferrari at our airport!

UPDATE; Associated Press - November 26, 2007 7:33 AM ET

FARIBAULT, Minn. (AP) - Federal investigators are looking into the cause of a deadly plane crash in southeastern Minnesota.

Four people died when the small plane crashed and burned yesterday afternoon at the municipal airport in Faribault, south of the Twin Cities.

Authorities had said two people were killed but the county medical examiner says it received four sets of remains from the crash.

The single-engine Cirrus SR22 was registered to an aviation company in Aberdeen, South Dakota.


Aircraft reported as making a second attempt at landing, when it became inverted, striking the ground.

It is also reported, a decendant of the Mayo Clinic, a Doctor Chester Mayo was piloting the aircraft.

FAA Preliminary Report , and more news coverage argusleader.com local media.


The NTSB says a Cirrus SR22 that crashed in Faribault, Minn. last week clipped a wing and then cartwheeled down the runway before catching fire. The pilot had tried to land there about two hours prior to the crash. Winds were gusting to 22 knots almost directly across the single runway.


Can you help me with the orientation of where the runway is in comparison to the crash site of the first picture?

The taxiway hold short lines are throwing me off?



If you copy and paste the following Lat/Lon into Google Earth, I THINK this is the location:

44.32908, -93.31074

Note: I t appears that a new taxiway was paved since Google Earth image


LOL, you got me almost where you wanted me, then I see the edited coordinates just as I replied :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help on this one

picasaweb.google.com/allenlieber … 1090746690 is oriented like the picture which even further defies logic on what the pilot was doing???

Especially if the report of him cartwheeling down the runway.



As Google Earth views are somewhat dated, I’d say the accident site is at the top left of the Google Earth shot. I’ll assume the taxiway is new, as is the hangar from the accident photo.

You can see the slight bend in the taxiway, along with the outline of the shape of the field the Cirrus came to rest in.


This is from microsoft live maps.

maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&c … &encType=1