Something for a fiver off eBay

I’ve got a £5 voucher to spend on eBay. What’s the best ADSB related thing I could spend it on/put it towards? :smiley:

I’m currently running 2 Pi’s with FlightAware, have 2 of the FlightAware filters and 2 home brew cantennas.

Voucher expires at the weekend so be quick!


Couple of Pints?? :laughing:


In-line Sky Tv Amp?

Of course you’d need a power supply, but they’re about £10 - maybe your next voucher? :wink:

If you want to get a little hacky and crafty you might try getting one of these displays. I had fun setting up mine and I love that the box gives me some direct visual feedback now.


That display looks great fun, although the pints are tempting! As would be knowing where I could get a pint for £2.50 these days!

But given the postage may be a little tricky for the beer, I think the display is winning at the moment :smiley:

Here’s one from the UK ebay that is just about the right price. … SwnH1WX6Gg

If you search for “SSD1306” (the display driver chip) an array of options will show up. I’m using a 4-pin i2c variant, but you could get bit of a faster display refresh rate using SPI. You can enable both or either on the pi.

Ta - will have a look :smiley:


Can someone explain me the title of this thread ? “a fiver off” ?


“off of eBay” (occasionally shortened to “off eBay”) = “from eBay”

Might make more sense if imagined in a Geordie accent… :laughing:

How To Talk Geordie - YouTube)


Wouaouh. :open_mouth:

Thanks. :mrgreen: