Some info please


Take a look at this flight path:

What is the reason for this circuitous route instead of a direct route?


More than likely traffic and the established preferred route to LGA.

Could also be WX related.


They have to come into LGA using the Standard Terminal Arrival procedure - probably the KORRY THREE by the looks of the track. If I’m not mistaken, I think there are some restricted areas and military operation areas to the east of KDMW, so the plane has to be routed SE to avoid those areas and pick up the arrival procedure. That is only my hypothesis. Being a private jet, the pax may have wanted to fly over the city of Baltimore or something like that.


If you think that’s cool, check out how they left, Looks like LGA1 departure with vectors on course.


It is indeed the KORRY3 arrival (it’s right there in the routing :unamused: )

  1. It’s not as circuitous as it appears. It’s a pretty short flight, so the map is zoomed in pretty far. The arrival probably only added maybe 5 minutes to the flight time.
  2. It’s not the restricted areas that are the problem, the arrival takes the airplanes away from the philly area.
  3. There are 5 STARs into LGA. 2 from the north, 1 from the west and 2 from the south. The GATBY1 STAR is the other one from the south, other than the KORRY3, but it is for turboprops only.
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Yeah - I thought about that about 1/2 an hour ago and just checked and saw the route a few minutes before you posted. On one hand, I feel a big “DUH” cloud over my head for not realizing it sooner, but on the other hand I feel good that I was able to look at the track and and then compare it to the GATBY1 and KORRY3 STARs and correctly determine it was the KORRY3!

Here’s your check, James…