Strange US Air Flight Path


Strange US Air flilght PHL to LGA. Can someone explain this? Seems to have been on schedule but did some loops and never went above 8,000 ft.


Loops look like traffic hold, waiting to enter the approach pattern.


But it was leaving PHL ot approaching PHL


Airports are very close together, my best guess is that is was holding west of Philadelphia until cleared to approach La Guardia. Very busy airspace.

This is just a sample of many other flights put in holding pattern waiting for their approach clearance. … /CYUL/KLGA … /KDCA/KLGA … /KMIA/KLGA … /KBOS/KLGA


LGA was running up to 4 hr delays today due to weather. Look at the previous legs and you will see that this flight diverted into Philly after a good bit of holding and then continued several hours later to LGA.

They probably tookoff because PHL would let them go, even though there was the possibility of NY TRACON delaying them. Airline logic. … /KCLT/KLGA … /KPHL/KLGA


Looks like also some flights landed while waiting for the east coast tstorms: … /KOAK/KBWI