Is this track correct?


Just browsing around some of the tracks and this flight on the 24th from CMH to JFK - … /KCMH/KJFK does a couple little loopy-loops mid flight. I imagine they were just wasting time due to delays, but I haven’t seen this before. There are a lot of JFK flights that definitely take what seems like the long way.


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Yes, the flight track looks correct and typical for a busy day to JFK. The “loopy loops” are Holds imposed by ATC, mostly likely to provide sequencing to the JFK LENDY arrival (STAR). The flight went so far north to join the LENDY arrival. LENDY would have been selected based on prevailing winds or traffic on other possible arrivals.


I have flown many time from LAX to JFK and have experienced that same holding pattern…round and round we go …sometimes for hours


Thanks for the info. I figured it was probably due to delays, I just have always circled closer to the airport.