Loop in flight path of AAL 1072


Looking at the traffic around RDU this evening, I was wondering why AAL 1072 en route from MIA to LGA would fly a loop over North Carolina:
This was at around 7:30pm, the B738 was flying at FL350, 365kts. I would have imagined that holding patterns are lower/slower/closer to the destination, but what else could it be?


ATC may direct a plane to do a turn like that for spacing or sequencing.


Maybe the pilot saw something out the window he wanted to check out?



It could have been for spacing or the next controller did not accept a radar handoff so the plane had to spin.


On a recent flight from AVP-PHL we looped about half-way there. (I assumed for spacing/sequencing). That one loop turned a 22 minute flight into a 35 minute flight.


Your link didn’t work.



Post was a couple of years old :smiley: Think that may be a factor?



Yeah, I’m sittin’ here lookin’ at AAL1072’s history all the way back into December (2008), and I see that ALL flights are DFW to PHL. I’m checkin’ maps of specific dates prior to 12/20, and NONE of them fly over North Carolina! AND WHY is he bringing this up like six weeks after the flight? Alright - WTF??? I go back and check the OP’s information and read MIA to LGA??? More WTF??? What the hell’s he talking about - MIA to LGA? ONLY THEN do I go reading other posts in the thread…

Layzeeboy: Good job diggin’ up an old thread! :smiley:


By accident, actually. I’m new here (today) and was reading all the “interesting” threads. I didn’t realize how old it was, but thanks.


I circle into PHL darn near every time I go there. :laughing:


flightaware.com/live/flight/QXE3 … /KSEA/CYYJ

This one is interesting … is this an error or a tight holding pattern?


My guess would be that the holding pattern is tight like that for noise abatement purposes (notice that the holding is entirely over water). If it’s not a normal holding pattern and it’s not for noise abatement, it will be interesting to find out why the aircraft was held like that.


Wow, a new one… Assumming the track log matches the green line…

at 3100 feet, noise abatement???



Weather? YYJ’s overrun is salt water so I assume it’s ~ sea level without even looking. Also they are holding over (international) water (Haro Straight to be exact). I might be able to find out more, hold on.

Conspiracy theory #1: French flight attendant (no picture available, just video, see banter thread)
Conspriacy theory #2: Whale watching


Some kind of operational anomaly, there’s no noise abatement at CYYJ except that all flights after 2000 must use 09/27, the overwater approaches/departures. My WAG would be he couldn’t raise the tower for a few minutes, there’s not a whole lot going on around midnight. Zzzzzz.


There was a Jazz8089 arriving from YVR at about the same time. Throw in a little weather and maybe a lifeguard departure or something not showing up on FA. Just a theory. I emailed a contact there to see if they know anything.


Rofl French Flight attendent i saw that on airliners.net…its a good video though hehe :smiley: .


I’ll throw my hat in the ring here since I live just about due West from where that aircraft was circling. I hear many of the Horizon Air flights into YYJ, but most commonly the ones bound for Runway 09 (as they have to cross the peninsula). In addition, I have a radio scanner that scans App/Dep + Twr at YYJ. On that particular evening I do not recall hearing anything unusual, but I am not totally sure.

I’ll be sure to ask the controllers the next time I’m out there.


I can’t imagine noise abatement on a Dash-8?


As stated above, the only Noise Abatement Procedures that would effect that flight is the restriction to Runways 09-27 between 0400Z-1500Z (2000-0700 Local).