Question re: Route used for MIA-JFK-MIA

Question for pilots or tracking experts:

Why do flights between MIA and JFK almost always follow the coastline, which adds approximately 194 miles to the route, instead of going point-to-point?

The vast majority look like this: … /KMIA/KJFK

Occasionally there is an oddball like this: … /KMIA/KJFK

Most of them don’t follow any of the examples you have shown

99.9999% if you are coming from the north you will upon reaching Florida get- DIR Ormond beach VOR then the FISEL2 or the GISSHE1 (might have spelled that wrong) both arrivals take you out over the water
this is to separate traffic inbound to south florida from all the outbound traffic and keep us away from Orlando’s traffic. it’s very busy airspace.

As ]Flyboy said, most flights from South Florida to the NY area go offshore, up to the Carolinas, and then along the coast. Both of the examples you posted are routings that are typically given to avoid weather. You’ll also see routings from MIA, PBI, FLL up over Orlando and then out to the coast when the Space Shuttle is launching.

It also depends on whether the miltary operating areas (MOA) off the east coast are operating. Remember last Christmas holiday period when a big deal was made out of closing the MOA to allow civilian flights through them?

And don’t forget Shuttle launches

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