Solved - Over 1000nd's Messages per flight but not a single Position


I got a new setup with pi4 and a diy coco antenna (indoor until yet) and piware7.2 or tar1090 is not showing any postions, exact zero. I got about 3000 Msg per flight for example, but still no position. Rate is about 30-60 msg/s. I have startet testing a few years ago also with indoor antennas and e.g. only 10 msg/s, but at that time there where postitions showing up.

what am I doing wrong this time with pi4 rtl.sdr and piaware 7,2?

Thank, bye

OK, searched about the half sunday, opened this thread, and then restartet dump1090-fa after generating the wisdom.local. Now positions are showing up?! WTF Bye, keep healthy

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