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Piaware not reporting positions?

Hi all.

Just got a Pi setup running again after a year or so offline. Using new Pi 3B+, Raspbian and the Piaware 3.6.3 add on.

Was working fine, it’s still reporting it’s hearing AC but, all of a sudden, no ADS-B data being received. It’s as if nobody’s reporting their position. Get speed, alt, all that good stuff but no positions in the last 36 hours at all.

Have rebooted and power cycled.

What am I missing here?


Check your receiver location is correctly configured.

Good suggestion but that’s set correctly - I rechecked just to be sure.

It was reporting positions for a number of days but, suddenly, no more positions. Still none at this time although it is seeing flights going over.

According to your stats your receiver is working: https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/KD1SQ
(Including very few positions)

It’s just that you are not receiving a lot of messages.
To get positions you just need better reception.

Hard to say what’s wrong. Did you reduce gain (by a lot)?
Might also be a loose connection.

I’ll be taking a look at that as well. Using a decent antenna and the Pro dongle but positioning ain’t the greatest. (Even so, though, it was getting positions just like that before… go figure.)

You can also try another power supply.
Insufficient voltage can also cause the receiver to not work as well.

RPi 3 Official Power supply is recommended because it provides 5.2 V.
You can also hook up the dongle via a powered USB hub to ensure good voltage for the dongle.

Darnedest thing - moved the antenna two and a half feet upwards vertically.

Now it’s getting location data again.

Only thing that comes to mind is that possibly the four pi SETI stack was too close and generating RFI that the ADS-B setup didn’t like.

I gotta get the antenna up on the roof and clear of everything…

The receiver itself generates interference and shouldn’t be in proximity of the antenna.
Also it’s good as you found out that the receiver is not in the horizontal plane of the antenna where it has the strongest reception.

Possibly a fractured conductor or dodgy connection in the coax.