Solved: mysterious reduction in signal strength

I’ve noticed seemingly random drops in signal level and CPU usage together with a reduction in aircraft and position reports that last for 15-30 minutes for a couple of weeks now.

Because it has been affecting both receivers to almost the same degree I assumed it was something external - most likely interference - but didn’t have any way of knowing where it was coming from.

Yesterday, I went in the loft to replace the ball valve in the water tank, which has been playing up recently and realised that the problem I was having coincided with previous times I’ve been in the loft recently.

Then it occurred to me that there are a couple of CFL’s up there. I guess that one or both of them is kicking out interference and swamping the LNAs.

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I have a TV in the same room as one of my receivers that impacts the signal significantly when it is on.

Did you try aluminum foil wrapping?

In today’s edition of “RF is black magic, really”…


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