Another Data Interpretation Question

I come back to the forum, once again, with a question about interpreting data. While I am a pretty big data guy, I don’t have much background in signal strength, transmission, or antenna theory.

In mid-December, I presented data showing a dramatic drop off of range, plane count and signal. This started when after we experienced some pretty heavy, and consistent rain. The experts confirmed my suspicion of water intrusion, and upon examination, I found that the “store bought” end of a cable connection leaked. I fixed that, and immediately returned to my expected results. Life was good.

As you can see below, another dramatic drop in performance occurred on January 2. Poor performance continued until approximately 1:00pm (local) on January 7. During this time, we again experienced mostly clouds with a lot of wind and rain, My assumption was that again, I had a water intrusion problem.

However, about 1:00pm yesterday, performance returned to prior, acceptable levels. What changed? About this time the temperature dropped below freezing (we were watching this closely in expectation of winter storm where rain would turn to ice). The temperature has remained below freezing, since. As has expected performance.

Here is the obvious question. Would freezing temperatures do something to restore connectivity and hence, signal strength? Way above my understanding.

Any help/opinions/funny jokes appreciated.

I used to have a wireless link between myself and a friend 6 miles away. Every winter our link would go down during ice storms. The antenna would get a buildup of ice, and detune. It didn’t have to detune very far and “bloop” the link was dead. Alas, we both got cable modems now, so no more RF fun…

OK because funny jokes are appreciated and because your problem as I have saw its always around 1 pm, I suggest you to won’t leat your clock reach that time o’clock, at 12:50 for example immediately change to 2 pm, post your feedback I hope that fixes the problem.

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What do you mean by that and how did you fix it? Very few RF connectors are water proof, store bought or not…!


The cable ended in make F connector, looked like a sleeve. I wrapped the actually connection, but not the sleeve, and water got in under the sleeve. In fixing the connection, I extended by wraps of tape well over the sleeve. Obviously, should have done it initially!