Snake in the Cockpit!!


Here’s a link… I would imagine the first place the pilot headed after landing was the bathroom to change his drawers!! … 9165.shtml

Pilots: Feel free to share any bizarre experiences you may have had in the cockpit w/ bugs or whatever.


Do you have the picture of him holding it? We had a bird fly in a car on the highway. It sh!t all over the place :laughing: .


"one hand full of snake and the other hand full of plane."
That’s a lot to grasp… :open_mouth:
Glad he made it in okay!


I’m glad he let the snake go.


I’m an animal lover, but I would be thinking that 3000ft. in a Cherokee would be low and slow enough for me to be opening a window QUICKLY, and teaching Mr. Snake how to fly without the use of a plane.


Actually, the article I read said he opened the door and tried to kick the beast out, but the snake darted over to the passenger side.

Suprised he was able to close the door with the additional distraction of the snake. It was when the snake climbed up the passenger door, he was able to grab the snake behind the head.

I highly doubt, the way it was describe how the snake was wrapped around his arm and the snakes tail holding on to something else that he would have been able to fling the thing out the door or window.

Though I did think what would people think on the ground had he been able to kick the snake out the door.

People on the ground, eating lunch or whatever, dumb and happy, and out from the sky plops a snake in the middle of their peace and bliss.

Wonder what their thoughts would have been having a snake drop in from heavan. :smiley:

Bottom line, he listened to his instructor, fly the plane is the first and foremost task at hand.



Well, I’m glad he landed safely anyway, and the snake survived to…slither into someone’s car dashboard… another day.


The only good snake is a wallet, belt, or pair of boots…


**Mr. Coles has his Piper Cherokee based at Mallory Airport. Ever since he had the “stowaway snake” passenger,and he accomplished the feat of piloting and captureing the snake and landing safely, and made national headlines,he has now has been “dubbed” with many nick names. :laughing:

Fellow Mallory airport pilots and friends has given him nick names,such as :The Pied “Piper” of Mallory Airport. (in reference to the pied piper of Ireland)…Snake Handler of the airways…Snakes Air Express (etc). Of course this is all in good humor. Benny Mallory owner of Mallory airport even suggested to award Mr.Coles with some type of medal. A "1st "at Mallory Airport.

Pilot Coles took in all in good strides…

If any pilots that reads this reply post ,are in the area of Mallory Airport,(122.900) stop by and spend some time with us. The Mallory Airport is a very low profile airport (come as your are). All Welcome… Mallory has a annual fly In picnic for pilots and friends. Join us this year 2007… Details of Fly In and airport info is on the Mallory website. Website has pictures and a few stories of the history of Mallory airport.**


I guess Samuel L. Jackson said it right in the movie “Snakes in the Plane”… " There’s moth# %^&*# snakes on the moth@# $%#^@& plane." HAHAHA WHAT A STUPID MOVIE!! He still will not talk about that movie (interviews). What were you thinkin when you read the script?
My wife rented it for us to watch, I can’t believe I watched it. I fell dumber now that I have seen it, I may not fly ever again!!!