Scorpions on a plane?


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Happens all the time, just doesn’t always make it into the news.

I have seen mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas, scorpions, SNAKES, butterflies, frogs, you name it.

In this case, the airplane obviously had a layover somewhere in some southwestern United States location or Mexico and picked up a scorpion or two. Usually, airplanes are scheduled for regular extermination and occasionally, receive extermination when coming from and/or going to certain destinations.

It’s not every day a passenger gets attacked by a stowaway, but it is quite common for them to hitch a ride.

A couple years ago, I was on a layover to a certain town in Mexico. We were scheduled to fly the same aircraft out in the AM, so we just kept our nests on the airplane … in other words, we didn’t pack up out kitbags and manuals; we just left the stuff in the cockpit.

The following morning, we got to the aircraft and it was pretty obvious that we had a mouse problem on the airplane. One mouse in particular hopped up into my kitbag and enjoyed a package of cheese and crackers I had laying on top of some manuals. We decided to err on the side of caution and grounded the aircraft until it could be exterminated and thoroughly inspected. Mice have the nasty habit of chewing up aircraft wiring and we didn’t want to take any chances.


This was at my home airport. The guy is ok but he said the airline didn’t offer anything at first but I guess they did offer him something I just don’t know what it was.


The airline probably offered to pay his medical bills for the bites – with the stipulation that acceptance of the payment would constitute a final settlement. In other words, we won’t get to hear about it in a court trial, if he accepts.


I just saw it in the paper. They paid for the hospital bill, cab drive from the airport to the hospital, then the ride from the hospital to Stowe, refunded his ticket from San Fransico to Burlington, and $250 valture.


I’ll take scorpion in my pants for $250, Bob.