Flight Crew Locked Out of the Cockpit was Just the Beginning


This is my first post at FlightAware Discussions so if its in the wrong category, or the topic is not to someone’s liking, or too long, I do apologies.

I knew Last night’s flight (Sat.9/22) from MIA to JFK was going to be an issue when it started with the flight crew literally being locked out of the cockpit at the gate. Does anyone know how often this happens? It was AA flight 1357, a 737-800 Reg N802NN delivered to American in Aug 2009. We were group 1 boarding and standing there looking at the aircraft when the gate agent made an announcement that there was now a delay. I told my wife that something wasn’t right when we could see that there was no activity in the cockpit at all. It was pretty much “cold and dark”. Next announcement was that they were locked out of the cockpit and that maintenance couldn’t get in. After about 30 minutes they pull up a scissor lift to the copilot’s side window. I have no clue how this maintenance guy did it from the outside but he managed to open the window. I’d like to say that was it and we were on our way but…not happening. Captain makes an announcement that there was a discrepancy between the actual quantity of fuel in one of the wing tanks and what the computer was showing. Another hour and a half sitting on the plane. We were seated in 3E and 3F when I noticed paper towel shoved up between the overhead luggage door and overhead lighting/AC controls. I opened the luggage compartment door and it was wet inside. Pointed this out to the head flight attendant, she dried the bin and removed the stuffed in paper towel against my wishes. When we finally departed I believe Runway 8R reaching rotation speed nose up and guess what, nasty water all over me. From crew jump-seat she could see me and what happened. She knew at that point that she was going to have a long night with me! Things happen I get it, they just shouldn’t all happen on the same flight! Does anyone have any idea where that water was coming from? Condensation maybe?