Smoking/drinking/foul mouth = JetBlue diversion and arrest!!


Flight diverted after NYC woman - drinking, smoking, screaming racial epithets, and punching a flight attendent in the face - now in jail facing a maximum of 250K fine and up to 20 years in prison.

WCBS TV News . . . . . FlightAware JBU643 . . . JFK - SFO diverted to DEN.


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I thought Cindy McCain had her own jet.


I was thinking more along the lines of Courtney Love or Amy Winehouse


Oh, she’s from Queens.

Case dismissed.


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Thank God its over!!!

They should have thrown this person out of the plane. Ugh, I mean…oh crap here comes the lawsuit.


She’s such a fine catch. Who’d wanna break up with her?

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Now picture her with a drink, a cigarette, swearing racial comments - and swinging fists.

‘Years ago’, there was an airline Nordair with a small fleet of B737’s here in Ontario. In the middle of winter, at a northern Ontario airport, a small Cessna from a flying club landed and contacted the tower to say, there was a man on the runway hitch-hiking.

The police went out and picked him up. Turned out a departing Nordair B737 flight that just departed, this guy - ex passenger, was drunk, disorderly, and beligerent to passengers, and crew, and the aircraft was just taxiing out for departure.

The pilot got into an argument with this guy, the pilot got mad, opened the door of the B737 and tossed him out.

I do recall the pilot was immediately terminated, but it was funny news up here.


That’s priceless Rob!


She must have responded to JetBlue’s ad on this site: … =Buttaface


The Smoking Gun has the story that matches that mug shot photo … nk=rssfeed


Smoking/Drinking/Foulmouth…And that was just the crew!!!


Last night after drinking a ton of beer…I almost threw up when I read this thread and saw that ugly face. :open_mouth:


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