Slider handles???

On to the right of altitude range, I see:

Minimum: feet, Maximum: feet
(Use the slider handles to select your minimum and maximum cruise altitudes)

No ability to enter any data for min or max feet or any slider handles? New feature coming???

MSIE 7.0 is the flavor of browser

It’s available in a better browser called Firefox.

Screenshot of the problem in MSIE can be emailed should that need be there.

I just used the flight planner with MSIE 7.0.5730 and the slider bars work great. Do you have Javascript enabled?

Javascript is enabled, but active content is not if that has any part of the process.

Since it is working for you (I have the same exact version), I am betting it’s a “firewall” or security issue beyond the scope of my computer at my location.

If you would pm me your email address I can send you the screenshot.

I’ll have the developer responsible for that functionality get in touch with you. Thanks!

Any chance You’ll get Non-US airports added like Canada and the Bahamas?

I’ve looked in my version of IE7 and the slider works fine. lieberma – I will pm you my email address for a screen shot.

Good morning!

Not sure if you did anything on the back end or if it was a computer gremlin, but I figured to let you now the slider handles are there today working on the same computer and browser that this post was initiated on.

Very cool feature! One suggestion though… Would it be possible to set defaults for max and minimums since my altitude range will never exceed 11,000 and most likely would never be below 5000 on an IFR flight plane?


I am very glad!! Because I had no idea how to fix it :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback yet again.

The slider defaults are the max and min cruise altitude you specified in your aircraft profile. Otherwise it goes to 1,000-51,000; of course we’ll only plan the altitudes that your performance data can actually achieve, so it’s ok to leave the ceiling at 51,000 if you only have performance data up to 10,000.

Gotchya Mark. :smiley: Thanks!

I still need to get y’all the performance profiles for my Sundowner out of the POH buried inside the pouch behind the passenger side seat… (easier to reach should that need be there) :astonished: