SkyView, enhance on hover


Suggestion: Would it be possible to have the “on hover” box (maybe also the on click) display:
From: To:



Origin and destination aren’t available in the ADS-B data set.


No but, they can be pulled from a DB (local or remote) (or pull data from flightaware direct) and displayed based of flight number (I’m guessing), other map systems are doing it. Could this not be added to SkyView install?


It’s a bit more than a static DB, aircraft/ident -> route mappings change constantly.

For the FlightAware data, you can follow the Skyview link to the flight on the main website. There are both technical & commercial reasons why it’s not easy to import the live data that FA has directly into Skyview.


Okay I take it FlightAware are not interested in adding anything to Skyview other than data obtained by the user! I’m not sure there are any technical reasons, you’d simply be querying a database that is already got the info. Commercial reason, ye okay!! Stuff is already in the public domain.

I hope Skyview is developed further and gains a few extra features to save having to run another VR map client.


It’s not a static database that we can release. Even if you only wanted the schedule data (which we can’t release wholesale, anyway) and not the live aircraft / type info, schedules change regularly, at least every 3 months. Other difficulties are that (a) in the US, transponder idents are very unreliable; (b) in Europe, the callsign similarity service means that transponder idents don’t necessarily match schedules. To get the live data you’d need to do AJAX out to FlightXML or similar. That might actually be a reasonable approach but it would require each user to sign up for FlightXML which is a fairly high barrier to entry.

Useful live data is not. Much of what FlightAware does, commercially, is merging various proprietary datafeeds (schedule information, ANSP feeds, etc) together with ADS-B to produce exactly that sort of useful data.

However, if you can find a good public source of route information, it’s actually relatively easy to plumb that into Skyview - add another column to the CSV that generates the type/registration database, rebuild it, and then those fields are available in the javascript to display as you want.


Hi, Sorry I guess did not make myself clear, can see that now.

Did not mean that the information was released or packaged with the local files. What I mean in that as Skyview is a Flightaware product the information is “pulled” from Flightaware as long as internet access is available. So all the information is retained and controlled by Flightaware and only displayed on the hover or click box when user has internet connected, other wise it will not be displayed, which I’d hope is majority of time if also feeding data to FlightAware.

Hope that clears some of the issues up and would possible make it easier to implement ?


That’s basically what I mentioned re FlightXML.


Yes but, they do not need the full functionality of FlightXML if this “small” feature was added and controlled by FlightAware within the SkyView code, you already make it available via the flightaware link in the on click box. So just displaying it in the hover or on click is no big ask, is it?

I’m sure you’ll agree, its not a big task and one that would enhance the functionality display, even limit it to “feeder” (Enterprise Users), but does not need the complexity of FlightXML at the user end.

Are you saying that Skyview will never have anything other than what is picked up by the local receiver, without the feeder paying money, then say that please and I’ll stop asking.


You are not the first person to request this capability. However it is not our near-term roadmap to add that. There are other software packages such as Virtual Radar Server, Planeplotter, adsbScope, etc. which you can connect to your PiAware which provide different functionality.


Okay thanks, I did search but could not find any previous request, hence my original post.



Fully agree. it is better to keep piaware & dump1090-fa lightweight and simple, so that they can efficiently perform their basic funtion of decoding, feeding and mlat.

For fancy things we have VRS, adsbScope, modeSMixer2 etc etc.


One can install modeSMixer2 right on RPi, so that there is no need to run it on Desktop/Laptop.

How-to Get VRS-Like Coverage Map on RPi



BUMP again to see if anybody can teach me this. :slight_smile:

This is so interesting! I found another helpful post in this topic here.

Also, I like the functionality of the hover over for popup information found here.

Where is the FlightXML file that I may try inserting the code I found above to get the origin an destination? Can I receive some leads on where to start for this and also to incorporate that into the hover function?

Thank you