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Skyview - Custom Overlay


Is it possible to add custom overlays to Skyview?

For example long term know TFR.

A way to add standard GIS Shapefile’s would be great, but in searching so far I haven’t’ found anything in regards to this.

Thank you!


You can add a polygon to Skyview.

Check out step 8 of this guide:
(Bake a Pi)

This is a json file but if you are handy with formats, maybe you could convert your format? :slight_smile:

You might also want to read this thread (Skyview - customize data presentation),
which is mostly about https://github.com/alkissack/Dump1090-OpenLayers3-html

Hello thanks for the post
,I have nothing displayed in the name column?
Is there an option to enable in a file
Thank you

No idea what you are even talking about.
If you have a problem with SkyView please describe it clearly.

Maybe a screenshot?


What is that column even doing there?

What kind of installation are you using, that does not look like SkyView.
Please you need to provide more details …

Anyway in the ADS-B data there is only the Ident transmitted.
Not sure what should be in that column. Strange software you are using.

I have everything reinstalled it works

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