Modifying SkyView


Has anyone modified SkyView? I’d like to look at the code so that I can limit my view to only certain aircraft types (i.e. every Cessna 182 or Cirrus SR22). Has anyone done this before? Clearly SkyView knows something about the type of aircraft as the icons for GA, Helicopters, and Heavies are all different. I’d love to just look at GA with a filter! Thanks in advance.


Skyview is open source. You can fork the code if you wish to customize it.


Thanks. I figured someone may have some pointers to expedite my coding time. It seems like this would be an easy filter to add.


Here’s a topic on custom aircraft icons. One way would be to just set all aircraft you don’t want to view as invisible and then only your preferred aircraft show


Thanks so much! I’m going to give that a go!