Can anyone help me customize the "plane_table" in the PiAware Skyview index.html?


Hi all,

I’m sadly not much of a programmer, but I’ve got a couple of ProSticks running feeding dump1090-fa. I do use the PiAware Skyview page from my host to view aircrafts I’m seeing, but I would like to add/remove some items from the table listing on the right of the index.html page.

Typically, it’s showing us hex, flag, callsign, squawk, altitude, speed, distance, heading, messages and age. But I’d like to see rssi, aircraft type - the data is there, but for some reason it’s not being displayed.

I don’t know enough about how to hack the html to get it showing properly - can anyone help?

Thanks a lot, and best regards,


hi gunnar,

i’ve looked into this a while ago - but it’s not worth because the underlaying html/css/javascript is a real mess and for each update you had to start tinkering more or less again. so my decision was to use virtualradarserver that becomes his input from a raspberry pi that runs dump1090-mutability in net-only mode. you could consolidate your different sites input via socat there and watch aircrafts on vrs:

another i’ve not yet tested solution is this:



Did you ever add the RSSI to the table? I was anting to do this aswell


coxyb76, I didn’t in the end. Got sidetracked and forgot, to be honest. It was very messy though, there has to be a better way. I’ll revisit it and let you know if I get it right.


I managed to add the RSSi column and copied the age code and modified, alas all i had was a RSSi column with the word RSSI in all fields


RSSI in all the fields is a good sign. You are close.

Next step is in script.js in the function refreshTableInfo()

There is a section of several lines in this form:[#].textContent = tableplane.value;

where # is the column number, and .value is an variable from tableplane which is a planeObject.

The value you are seeking is tableplane.rssi

Just add one more line at the end of this block, following the same form. Use the # of your new .rssi column.

If your file isn’t otherwise modified, you probably need[10] = tableplane.rssi;

The notes above are for dump1090-mutability, not the dump1090-fa (Skyview) fork. I’m guessing that the handling of the table is close enough that this will still be a hint in the right direction even if the details are slightly different. The key point is that edits to the html only change the format of the plane list. Loading data from planes into the list happens in script.js