PiAware feature request


I’m brand new to PiAware. I have my Raspberry Pi and antenna up and running and it is great! But it appears - unless I’m missing something - that the aircraft info pane in Skyview does not show a plane’s origin and destination. I have to switch to FlightAware to find that info. It would be much more efficient when checking a bunch of planes overhead to be able to see that additional data in Skyview.


This is something we’d like to offer in the future but it is not currently an available feature.


I am trying to use my 1000 free flightxml queries/month for that, but they are gone fast with more than 3000 different aircraft received per day. Some more free flightstatus queries for aircraft received by the own receivers would be nice.


You can try Virtual Radar Server software :wink:


In my experience, the flightaware data is much more reliable than other data sources regarding quality of the routes.