Toggle to display planned flight-plan routes within 'x' distance of piaware receiver


PiAware currently displays (on the local network) the live data from the adsb receiver. This includes flights, within reception distance of the receiver, that have a filed flight plan. Would it be possible to add an overlay, to the local piaware skyview, of filed flight plans within ‘x’ distance of your adsb receiver? This would help with troubleshooting, as well as provide an additional data point for statistics.

As an example, my piaware receiver is currently in a remote location with far fewer flights, when compared to a major urban centre (such as Toronto). To check if my receiver is working, I check the flightaware live flight tracking, and find a flight which looks like it will pass overhead/near my piaware receiver. I then compare the flightaware website with my local skyview.
Displaying filed flight plans within ‘x’ distance of an adsb receiver would aid in troubleshooting the status of that receiver. It would also be really cool to know when to expect flights over your adsb receiver.

This would also provide an additional statistics in regards to flight tracking. E.g. “Site ‘x’ received data from ‘x-number-of-flights’ out of a possible ‘x-number-of-flights’ predicted to be within range of Site ‘x’.”