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Skyview Aircraft symbols

Hello, only been up and running for a few days now using a pi and I have a question about Skyview and the aircraft symbols used. I realise that the different colours refer to the height of the aircraft but what decides the actual aircraft symbol generated on the screen? Is it just random? The reason I ask is that I’ve noticed aircraft like Airbus A330 showing as a four engined silhouette as below but the really strange one is the Fokker 100 airliner which shows up as a silhouette which to me looks like a Jet Fighter? [also as below]



It is definitely not random.

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Specifically the rules are here:

F100 is currently mapped to hi_perf which is probably wrong (I can’t remember where I got that list from)


Thanks for the information. I suspect the F100 hi_perf came from the fact the North American F-100 is a Supersonic fighter [or 1950s era] of which there used to be many flying around the US up until a few years back as a number were converted to drones/aerial targets. These have [for the most part] all been withdrawn now [or shot down] although there may still be some around with people like FSI/Tracor being used for test purposes.
There are still quite a number of Fokker 100 jet airliners flying though.