Skyview Crashing Dump 1090 on PiAware 3.5.1


Hi guys,

I have been running into an issue since monday ( Feeder up since 2015 without any issue ) , each time I try to use the Skyview , the Pi Crashes with an AJAX message.

I did update to a Flight stick pro plus and an Antenna , so the volume of data is 4X more than before.

Else than that , nothing changed.

Would anyone know what the issue is ?

It runs fine if I do not use the Skyview.


What do you mean by “the pi crashes with an ajax message”?


I mean that the Pi itself crashes or stops to respond.

I can not SSH into it anymore and the last thing to show up on the Skyview window is an error associated with something called Ajax ( and I have no idea what that is , I have other devices connected to the same switch and they still connect OK ).

I wonder if it has something to do with me requesting the Skyview page since it always happens when I do just that.

I will let it go 48 hours without using Skyview and see what it does.


AJAX is a technique that the browser uses for requesting data from the Pi; it’s how the aircraft display is updated. AJAX errors mean that your browser can’t reach the Pi, so it’s a symptom of the crash rather than a cause.

The usual reason for Pi crashes is bad power.