Ajax error on my flightware pi system


hey there i wonder if you could help me out.

im getting an ajax error on my radar screen and have no idea why?

im using a pi 3 system brought from modmypiwith flightaware softwear loaded onto a sd card,
the system is running the lastest update but yet the error still comes,

i have switched the network from wifi to cable but yet i still get the error.which can be seen below

could anyone point me in the right direction on how to fix thjis please,

many thanx



AJAX timeout errors generally indicate a network problem somewhere between your browser and the Pi.


hey there and thank you for your reply,

i have tryed changing the cables but still to no effect i still get this error even using a brand new rj45


try skyview on a different browser or machine - see what happens there …
and try to reboot your pi first


hey there and thank you for your reply,

i have tryed using firefix, ie,crome and safi (moblie) and still i get the errors.

i have tryed it on 2 laptops 1 desktop and a windows server but i still get it :frowning:


if you have installed the gui on your raspi you could see if it works directly on the raspi. as obi already wrote - i saw this behavior only if something with the network went wrong …


hey there and thank you for your reply,

i havnt installed anything to the pi 3 as everything i needed came already pre loaded,

i have checked my network and cant find any issues with it i have also contacted my isp for a line check and they have found no issues ithear,

i guess im stuck with this issue and just hope it sorts itsself out in due corse :frowning:
thank you all for your time and help on this matter have a great day

many thanx




if the problem remains i’d suggest you download the flightaware sd-card image here and install it to a different/second empty sd-card and see if that works.

sd-card-image: http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build topic 2 Install PiAware on your SD card

your settings page: http://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/benfry71


PiAware has a status screen if you go to the IP of the device.

Just remove the /dump1090-fa/ part at the end of the link.


hello all and thank you for all your comments,

it turns out reinstalling the os and the flightaware softwear have fixed the timeout errors :slight_smile:
i am very greatful to you all for your time and help,

can i ask another qestion non related to this about updating or changing the standered map or do i need to open another topic

many thanx



just go ahead with next question :slight_smile:


thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
im looking to update my map to something more earter to read like the map used on


i would like the list to show the pics of the planes instead of flags and a hole lot of other stuff,

i have spent hours on google trying to find out how and so far still cant find an answer, however i have noticed other sites running the same version of the map.

so my qestion would be firstly is this possable?
secound where could i find this sort of map
and most inportantly how could i get this map onto my pi :frowning:
i am a total noob to all this so sorry for being such a pain,

many thanx




there is no way to change the map in skyview by just pressing a button. of course with coding skills in javascript/css/html you could alter the map and even layout of flightaware skyview.

most here in the forum use in addition to skyview virtualradarserver - another application to display the aircrafts on a map you find here - but i did not try this up to now: https://www.flightairmap.com



hey here and thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
i will check that link out,
are the map files stored on the pi system for the skyview map if i can find the map then i might beable to have a play around with it,

many thanx for your time and help