Skybus Shutting down tonight


It is being announced on local TV, Columbus, OH, that Skybus is closing it doors and ceasing operations as of midnight tonight, Friday night.

Denis Blake

#2 … ybust.html . Heres a link.


Skybus shuts down, cancels all flights

The Columbus Dispatch


I got a call yesterday from a friend who works there - if he is to believed, management determined this week that unionization of the pilots and possibly more employees was all but assured. This, with the fuel-price spike, made the business model impossible to achieve.

I’m sure more will come out very quickly.

Wow - less than a year…


That didn’t take long at all, even less than I expected.


With all the airlines closing down, will this mean that the pilot shortage has come to an end?


There’s a glut of 737 pilots looking for a new ride this week.


Yeah, that might give airlines reason to cut pilots salary even more.


It was on the Jacksonville 11:00 news tonight. Going to hurt our airport here in St. Augustine.


Well I’m stuck in Alabama with my 5 kids now…

Oh well, at least I got here…

Time to rent a van and drive home.


I feel for you Lear. I was about 2 hours from booking a flight with them. I quickly booked with Delta. I have a feeling its going to get a bit pricier out of CMH.


Who the hell would travel on an airline named SKYBUS anyway? The name turns me off, would rule it out based on that alone. Good riddance to them. :laughing:


Whither away Skybus. I was looking forward to getting the airport off my taxes…oh well. What will they do with the hut/building and the pay parking lot? Also guess the screens will go back to JAX.


Someday you and your family will look back and have a laugh. Good luck, keep us posted.

PS I’ve lost count, is this the fourth airline to go under this week? :open_mouth:


Three shutdowns (Aloha, ATA, Skybus), one announcement (Champion Air ending operations in May).


Now Airbussers too




Although, I was never a fan of SkyBus Airlines, I followed their development from prior to FAA certification. As with any new start-up air carrier, they had their share of difficulties. Having been directly involved in such projects, I know, first hand, just how hard it is to start a company such as this. I also know the heart ache and disappointment of all involved when it ends in this way. Based on the SkyBus business model, for them to make it even this far is a milestone in today’s economy. Everyone at Skybus is to be commended for their efforts.

My hat goes off to them.


One thing that bothers me in this thread and the other ones regarding Skybus was the amount of people that seem to take some joy from the troubles they have had and now the shutdown. If you never flew them then you really have nothing invested and your opinion of them may not be as valid as others. Here at CMH its devastating. They were 20% of our flights. Those just don’t get replaced by the other airlines. Beyond the people like Lear that are STRANDED and the employees that are out of a job there are so many others that this has affected. Its bad for the airline industry as a whole. An industry that we are all fans of or we would not be here. I flew them once and it was a typical flight experience. Yes their methods were flawed, but they flew. Thats what we all enjoy and now for us that enjoyment is gone. They brought many fights per day in and out of CMH. Flights that I enjoyed watching come and go. Those are gone. Maybe to be replaced. The people will not be so lucky. Please remember the people when you tell us how you knew this was coming.

(stepping off soapbox now)


With their startup capital, I’m surprised that Skybus shut down. They did do one thing wrong, though, and that was to change their business plan so early in the game. They should have stuck with CMH and made it a true hub rather than just a place where all flights originated.