Skybus up and running?--UPDATED


I noticed that a couple of Skybus flights came into CMH today. Recent local news stories said they were shooting for late March early April start, but the FAA had not given final approvals. Maybe they are moving the jets here to get ready. Anybody know anything for sure?



They might be route proving or like you said, bringing their aircaft, buses or whatever into position.


I don’t know how they’ll start ops this soon. The last time I checked their site, you couldn’t book flights yet, and they didn’t even have a route map. They’re supposed to be shooting for a May 1 revenue start up (which seems quite optimistic to me), so I imagine these flights are for deliveries and/or promotional purposes.

Flight 1 came up from Greenville, MS, so I’ll go out on a limb and assume that this bird was just painted.


According to their website they will be going to some really exciting places. I can hardly wait!


Finally, some info. on their financial situation. Looks much better than I (along with most) previously thought. They actually have more startup capital than jetBlue had!! :astonished:
Who knows, this could be the next LCC phenom…maybe. … 68VHA.html


Saw a local news report on Skybus today. It seems that launch will be in late May. Initially they will fly to 8 destinations with plans to go to 15 as soon as possible. The planes themselves will be flying billboards for some of the major corporations that have provided startup capital such as Nationwide Insurance. The plane shown off today featured a yellow tail and wingtips with the logo where you would typically see the airline name on the fuselage. Not too bad looking, but will take some getting used to.





try this for a link:



Also saw this too:

Skybus gets OK to sell tickets early
Skybus Airlines has been granted a waiver by the U.S. Department of Transportation that allows it to start selling tickets before receiving final certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. The airline plans to begin selling tickets later in April, a month ahead of a possible late May launch. Tickets will be sold exclusively on the Web site. … 6C1M6.html[



Now we have some real info. $10 fares to boot! … 69309.html … 6FON5.html



You forgot one website:
If you go there, you’ll find out that not only are their fares fully non-refundable but you also don’t get any credit for future flights if you have to cancel.


Ok, so just what is sKYBUS


Does anybody have any info on where skybus will initially be flying?


This Skybus will come to Minnesota?


Ipodguy: Skybus is a new low cost carrier based out of Columbus, OH. See the link I gave above.


Really low prices! $50-75 each way from CMH to OAK.


O thanks. I have heard a rumor that they may come to BNA. That would be cool


  1. Hungry? Thirsty? Bring cash.
    Most people love our full cocktail bar and food menu, but if youre not into that, it wont cost you a penny. Why should your ticket cost include your neighbors dinner? That also goes for blankets and pillowswhich, by the way, you get to keep if you buy. Oh, and dont sneak food onboard unless you brought enough for the whole plane.


The $64,000 question:

Will a RyanAir type airline actually work in the US?

Admittedly, a couple of the airports Skybus is flying into are not too horribly distant from the greater metro area (like OAK). But what I’m wondering is will people shell out the cash to get to downtown Seattle after flying into BLI?

I haven’t been up thataways in quite a while, but if memory serves, that’s a bit of a drive, not to mention a heck of a cab fare.

Should be an interesting show, folks.