Skybus to annouce three new routes Thursday, 9/20


WCHM-TV (yes, as in the airport code!) in Columbus mentioned this evening that Skybus will be announcing service to three new cities at a press conference 9/20. Specific routes weren’t mentioned in the news broadcast.

In grazing the net, it appears this should deal with a route to Charlotte County Airport in southwest Florida (Fort Myers is absolutely lousy with expatriate Buckeyes), and perhaps routes to Cancun and Freeport/Nassau in the Bahamas.

I understand they took delivery of a sixth plane in the past couple of weeks - they operated several charters to Bellingham, WA to haul fans of The Ohio State University to the OSU/Washington game last week.

Any confirmation of this?

==== update ===

Ok - it’s four cities, all in the US

Chattanooga, TN
Ft Myers/Punta Gorda , FL
Gulfport/Biloxi MS
Milwaukee, WI

  • plus an additional round trip to St. Augustine FL


The airport code is CMH, not CHM.



You are correct…

Never post after that second glass of sangria! :slight_smile:


Just got 8 10 round trip tickets for Gulfport for vacation on Gulf Shores, AL. I’m going to surprise everyone when they get home.

Man I love this airline. My sister is a flight attendant for US Airways, she hates them and points out that you have to buy your blankets, pop, food, ect. I pointed out that on US Air if I pay $10 for my ticket my pop cost $300. On Skybus the ticket is (as little as) $10.00 and the pop is $1.00. A savings of $289.00.

She didn’t like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a flip side to that… :frowning:

My daugher interviewed with Skybus and was offered a position as a flight attendant, but turned it down. My wife was a FA for Delta back in the 1970’s (back when they were still called “stewardesses” - when she saw the compensation terms, she calcuated that the net pay after benefits and taxes would be less that $125.00 a week.

One of my daughter’s friends did a accept a position a bit later, and left after two months due to the low pay.


That’s believable, $6500/yr is livable (somewhere). I decided not to take the pay cut and go fly for them either. Capt. pay isn’t super, but it’s not bad either considering you’re home a lot (if you live in Columbus). In the long run I’m better off at FSI.