Skybus CEO resigns....

This doesn’t bode well… … ml?sid=101

they need a financial guy to help lead the company to stop hemorrhaging money. Losses are to be expected, but not at the level that they are experiencing.

:frowning: another shortlived airline at Greensboro…

Just another link in the undoing chain. Only a matter of time now until no more Skybus. Anybody know who will buy their aircraft? They might be nice n cheap.

Virgin America looking to add to the fleet?

I am not suprised. I think they will be gone shortly. They had a terrible business plan. Really, you have to be a lot bigger to operate an airline that appeals to be people even at those low fares. I’m sorry. I flight a day to a destination doesn’t cut it. Of course, having at hub at Columbus doesn’t help.

Why would their aircraft be nice n cheap? I was under the impression their current fleet is mostly leased. So the owners of those aircraft woud take them back. They hold 60 some orders for new A319’s which may have some value if they go out of business.

Exactly what I was thinking…Them or maybe United or USAirways might be interested in replacing more of their aging 737 Classics…Or maybe even Northwest looking to finally oust the old DC-9’s.
As far as nice n cheap, I meant in a relative sense. They are still pretty new with not that much time on them, they should be cheaper than a new Bus. And with the upcoming backruptcy/liquidation (again, only a matter of time), they might be had for a very decent price.

Of course, having at hub at Columbus doesn’t help.

Where the hub is located does’t matter too much. The problem is that they lack enough frequency to gather overhead traffic, or connect various city pairs in the SWA pattern.

The scary part is that the trend seems to be flying to more places less often.

They don’t have the right engines for US Airways or United.

They could work at Northwest.

However, I’m willing to bet they’ll end up overseas in either Russia or India.

You need to have a business plan that actually serves human beings. Their business plan was to make it as hard as possible to provide service to customers. Their first goal was always what was convenient for us.

They got websites which existed to chase down their latest telephone numbers.

CEO and executive home addresses were posted on the web so people had someone to complain to.

They’d cancel flights and not tell the CSR’s at the airports until AFTER the competitors flights had all left for the day.

They refused to provide refunds to the dead.

People might have some tolerance of a lack of service when they are paying $50 a ticket, but at the end of the day they fail as an airline and as a business.

Hmm…US Airways has both engines now since the AWA merger. Which ones did Skybus order?

Skybus has the CFM’s

United and US Airways West have the IAE’s

For network carriers though airlines though, the A319 has been somewhat of a disappointing aircraft. When configured in a 2-class layout its ASM cost is significantly higher than the A320’s without much drop in Total Operating Cost. It works better in 1 class where its ASM cost is closer to the A320 (in addition to it being very hard to fill the 164 or so seats that an A320 has in 1-class configuration).

And now their VPO is out…
:open_mouth: … ml?sid=101

Someone once said something about rats and a sinking ship…

You guys called it.

They’re done. See the other thread.

His quotes in the article seem very odd. He’s talking about wishing his successor and the employees the best of luck and a day later the company closes it’s doors? What a Delta Bravo.