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SkyAware Distance Column

So when I load SkyAware page he sidebar has a default set of columns. one is Distance, yet Distance does not actually show when initial page has loaded.

so then if I disable Distance and then Enable it, the Distance column appears, but no values are shown.

Is this a known issue with SkyAware page?

Viewing in Chrome Version 89.0.4389.114

Thanks for any info…

Is this the Skyaware live page or from your local feeder?

The new Skyaware anywhere page does not have distances as it is a combination of multiple feeders (if you have more than one).

See also the thread:


its the Remote Interface SkyAware Anyware

thanks for the clarification

We’re still working on that. If you have multiple receivers then distance becomes interesting to compute.

wrong topic? Has nothing to do with this one

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