Singer Jay-Z's plane, N60GF


Foth the younger and more “hip” on the forums, here is what I believe to be Jay-Z’s ride, N60GF.


Rocawings gotta love that!!!


how did you find it?


thta’s who its registered too


His company Rocawear owns that plane probably for certain high ranked employees but I know that Jay personally uses bigger fleet at Netjets.


Are you releasing Company information???


ha… no i dont work for netjets


“For the younger and more “hip” on the forums, here is what I believe to be Jay-Z’s ride, N60GF.”

‘As for company info!, if you listen to his music, he tells the world he travels on BBJ’s and Global Express’s’, but I guess the Lears OK for a quick trip to Miami and back!


I did work for netjets but I don’t anymore. I know he says in his music that he fly Global Express and BBJ, there are other companies out there that use those aircraft…not just NJ


That was kinda a joke, ‘Global Express’s & BBJ’s’, as far as I am aware, Netjets have never operated Global Express’s. Though they’ve operated 10 B737.

However saying someone flys Netjets, is like saying someone flys United.

As for EJA/Netjets, I recall when they flew baby Lears, Gulf I’s, Westwinds, and Hansa Jets, and their CEO/ATP Pilot was Mr. Tibbets, the famed aviator who flew the B-29 Enola Gay into Hiroshima and history!!


I thought Jay-Z was N300JZ



From Marquis Jet website;

“Carrie Underwood joins other Marquis Jet Card Owners including musicians Usher, Hillary Duff and Jay-Z, actors Kristen Davis and Matt Damon and sports legends Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan, among many others.”

The Marquis Jet fleet is provided by NetJets through an exclusive alliance between the two companies. NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRKa) company, is the worldwide leader in fractional jet ownership.

The Gulf III you mention has me intrigued. Owner shows as UJZ LLC, which doesn’t tell me anything?, it has a strange constructors number 875, and shows it was built in 1981??? Something weird here???

I did find a reference stating back in 2003 Jay-z did own a Gulf III?, do you have any info confirming this is his jet???


More a hunch than anything else. It’ll be interesting to see what Jay-Z shows up on for the Toronto concert on Wednesday next week (April 2, 2008).

The 875 is because it was one of the very first GLF3’s that actually came off the line a GLF2.



1978: Grumman Aerospace sells it’s Gulfstream (Grumman-American Division) operations to American Jet Industries (AJI) who renames the company Gulfstream American.

I recall Grumman Aerospace selling the Grumman-American Division to AJI American Jet Industries, who renamed the company Gulfstream American back in 1978.

Then they shut down the G2 line for awhile, and came out with the G3.
There was one G2, #87 that was re-manufactured with the new G3 wing and given the c/n 775.

Then there were two aircraft in the G2 production line, that where built as G3’s, #249, and #252. The last G2 was #258. The first G3 of the G3 production line was #300.

So to me?, #875 is either G2 production #259, or G3 production #299.

I just thought it very odd, to number #775 and #875, just wondered the reasoning behind it???


I just realized you are also in Toronto?

I actually worked on the ramp at Innotech in 1981, and just as the first Space Shuttle was landing, which we were watching on TV, I looked up to see Gulfstream III #252 XC-MEY pulling onto our ramp.

It was owned by Banco de Mexico and had the hottest flight attendant I’d ever seen in my life!!!

We also had Stephen Roman’s G3 based in our hangar C-GSBR, as well as Kaisers G3 C-GSLK which we caused over a million dollars damage, when it was being towed, with the air-stairs down, and the tractor jack-knifed hitting the air-stairs!!!


There isn’t a Gulfstream 2 c/n 87 to compensate for number c/n 775



N692EB FAA Registry is currently constructors number 775.

Hmmm, I stand corrected. My Gulfstream friend has just informed me that in fact this aircrafts true identity is the 75th airframe. As you mentioned, the number 87 was skipped to keep all the numbers in conformity.

In reality c/n 75 thru 86 are actually all Plus 1 in the production line.

Thanx for the input.


From what I’ve been told, during production of the Gulfstream II, a demonstrator was required. So they chose #75 and added a 7 to the c/n number making it #775. At a later date this aircraft was upgraded from a G1159A to a G1159B - G3 wings and nose, plus hush kits.

c/n 875 Again Gulfstream required a demonstrator, so they added an aircraft into the prodution line, and N300JZ c/n 875 was manufactured between #322 and #323.

So I assume they learned from the confusion of taking an existing airframe, and having to change the c/n’s, the second time around, they just added a new airframe into the line, and kept all the numbers the same.


Photo of N516QS landing at Boeing Field (BFI) April 2nd/04 from .

Jay-Z Flight Tracker arrived from Teterboro, and departed to Boston on Netjets Gulf V N516QS.


FYI, N313RF is Jay-Z’s airplane. Saw him and Beyonce getting on the a/c in BOS last night after the Celtics game.