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Signal Strength Jump, Gain Settings Unchanged

Hi all,

I noticed recently that a couple days ago, I got a jump in signal strength logged in graphs that looks like I upped the gain, but I have not. ‘systemctl status dump1090-fa’ shows the correct gain setting as well as the gain set in my configuration file. However, if you look at the graph, you can clearly see a jump sometime on Wednesday in signal strength as well as the number of messages >-3dbfs. I have not touched the pi at all, no reboots or configuration changes. The upgrade to 3.7.1 was done weeks ago, and uptime showed as almost a month. I just rebooted the pi, but it did not revert to the old signal strength. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might have happened? I have not yet physically checked on the pi and antenna, will update if I find anything out of the ordinary.


That’s unusual.

I don’t suppose you are using a gain of -10?

If anything i’d suspect the lower signal level was the anomaly and it somehow corrected itself.
Do you have a longer term graph?

My gain is set to 35. I went to the pi and antenna today, didn’t see anything wrong, but jiggled all the connections. It seemed to work:


What a weird issue.

That actually means your connection is bad.
But if it works for you then that’s fine i guess.

Also your normal gain setting seems really low, but just the same if it works for you :slight_smile: