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Performance Graph - Signal Level Check/Question

I recently installed the performance graphs so that I could check my signal and make some adjustments to the gain if necessary. You will see in the screenshot below I made a few adjustments this morning. Just wanted to see what your thoughts might be on the signal and if I made the right decision with where I went with the gain. I was basing my decision on the number of aircraft as well as number of messages being received. If I should do it differently, please let me know. Thanks in advance for the help and pointers on this! I appreciate it.


Reduce gain by 15 as a first step.

Then check this thread for some explanations on the topic.
Thoughts on optimizing gain

Also i think i need to make another PR for adsbreceiver to change the red messages to 1:1 with the other messages :slight_smile: (in the current graphs it’s 1:1.6 or something covering up everything)
Curious how that was not a hint for you that the gain might be high.

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Thanks for the link, I will read through that. I will also make some further adjustment down as you recommended.

Just your response has helped me understand the data on the graph. I did not know if it was a good or bad thing nor did I want to make any assumptions, but now I know.

Thanks again!

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For the record, I’m glad I asked and understand it better now. Here is an updated picture after dropping the gain. Definitely looking better! I’m also seeing about 6% of strong messages. Prior to the change I was at 55%.

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Actually i would have expected more of an improvement.

Anyway if you are interested at all in aircraft buzzing around your house, reducing the gain is definitely helpful :slight_smile:

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