SIA61 Gear Problem at IAH. . . ?

I’m seeing it live! It’s dumping fuel over our house!
I think it looks like the right gear door is stuck???

Stupid news stations ain’t had nothin’!
We were feeding cows this evening and it came directly above us at 3,900ft, dumping fuel. My brothers didn’t see the gear door open, but I did, and later we got a picture and it is clear that the right main door is stuck.

Haven’t had any info on the landing? The FA track stopped right before landing. Looks like it went in on 8R. … ate/page/1

Good job Will! :smiley:

Yeah, great job on the photo!

Thanks guys. . . Just wish I could have got a pic of it dumping fuel. . . :frowning:


For some reason when you click play it loads forever. Just hit the play button again and it should go. . .

It looks kinda rough after the mains touch down. May just be the runway?