should i cancel my flight to tokio by a380 ? ;(


Hello all,

i’m 26 years old and coming from germany.
In november i will fly to tokio from frankfurt by the a380 lufthansa.
I have big fear of flying i hate it so much but I’m going to die of yearning ;( so i booked the flight!!!
last week i was in a shop and there was a lady who told a friend of her a story about the a flight by delta airlines in september and it was horrible because the turbine was on fire!!! and everybody was crying and they thought the life is over ;( so and yesterday i heard the same story of a collegeau of mine ;( ahhhhh!! please help me what should i do now?

thank you!


No need to fear.
For every flight with a problem, there are literally thousands that do not have any problems. You chances of being on a flight with a problem are way under 1%


yes i know ;( i hope the a380 will not fall down ;(
do you know if turbulences are bigger over land or are they bigger over the ocean? :slight_smile:


It’s about the same. Night flights in my experience tend to be smoother.


thank you thats so nice from you!
i hope i will have a smooth flight ;(




Jason Be Nice.

Lufthansa is one of my favorite airlines.
Free Krombacher last time I flew them & I don’t like Airbus in general but with lots of Krombacher the 340 is a nice ride.


He’s talking about the A380. I would not pass up that trip.


Any sensible reason why not ? Chauvinism doesn’t count BTW.


I could make some jokes about the French, and you Half French Canadians…

But my dislike of Airbus is the control logic that their FBW computer uses.
It makes the pilots input a request not a command, that is why I dislike Airbus.


OK that’s an acceptable reason; so I suppose you don’t “like” the 777 as well ?

I’m half English Canadian, no EADS bias but you’d better not badmouth Bombardier :wink: .


I dont like airbus boing and all the others! :frowning: dear pilots can you give me a good reason to fly with the a380? :slight_smile:


Okay… You don’t like Boeing nor Airbus? That takes out roughly 97% of all of the aircrafts flying today.

So you’re stuck with Bombardier, Embraer, and everything Russian (Tupolev, Yakovlev, Ilyushin, Sukhol, Antonov). Seeing that those mainly fly short-medium distances, and that you obviously can’t fly as cargo, you’re not going to be going to a lot of far-away places…



I’m ok with the 777.
Boeing FBW logic lets the pilot command an input, if he wants to pitch up hard, overstress it, or stall it he can. The computer doesn’t evaluate the outcome of the input. Boeing figures the pilot knows WTH is going on and has already evaluated the control input, thats why the pilot made the input.

The French let the computer override; and pilot only gets what the box allows.

I’d rather have an airplane that lets the pilot fly it and train the pilots better, than an airplane that prevents the pilot from crashing so idiots can drive it.

Someday (again) an Airbus will crash because the pilots commands were deemed irrelevant by the computer.


Quicker than walking/driving/going by sea ?


In deference to the OP’s sensitivities, I’ll let that go unchallenged.


Whatever you end up flying on, DO NOT DRIVE to the airport. Way too risky.


Boeing obviously has not seen what the Asian airline captains are doing to their aircraft!



Boeing obviously has not seen what the Asian airline captains are doing to their aircraft!

A fine testament to how well we build em :smiley:[/quote]


Seriously, your more likely to get hit by a car blowing a red light in reverse on the way to the airport then to fall out of the sky in your a320.