Sharp Turn


I am curious to know if anyone can identify the plane that made this? It looked to be over greenville sc at 3:41pm.



I don’t have a clue.


Is this normal for a plane to make turns like this? I am a daily observer of the sky and I have only seen this 2 times over a few years.


I did a playback on flightrader24 for January 24 and did not see anything. Just to confirm, this was January 24?


No, sorry it was on the 23rd


Ok, I will check that out.


On FlightRadar24 I found a Hawker 800 pop up on radar at 3:27pm from Greenville. It made a couple hard left turns before continuing north to Dayton.

There was tail number data, and I don’t see a matching flight on FlightAware.


Still could not find anything. My last guess is that is a Military aircraft that is not on the radar.


I posted this on metabunk and Mick West thinks it is this plane.

It seems weird to me that the plane would make a sharp turn like this on that route that West posted, I dont know.