Setting Up New PiAware for Someone Else

Hello all. I have a new RPi that I am wanting to setup for a friend. I’d like to get everything configured for them so that it is simply plug-n-play for this person. Presumably, when I configure the new unit with PiAware, it will connect to FA and automatically be added to my account. Question is, how do I prevent this from happening (while still allowing me to fully configure the unit) or how do I later transfer the new unit to another user’s account? I’d appreciate any feedback from others who may have performed similar.

You have to “claim” the receiver on your account. You should be able to configure it, just not claim it. Then take it to where it needs to be. Create his account or log onto his account and claim it from his local network. Then it will show up for him.

Thanks. When I setup mine the first time, I did not need to claim it - it was automatically added to my account and, in fact, my account was automatically upgraded to an Enterprise Account on FA. Hence, my concern with setting up this new unit and not wanting it to be associated with my account.

Interesting. My first needed to be claimed. My second did not. Maybe one of the staff could answer better, but until the software knew my network (claiming the first receiver) it was not on my account.

You can always request we re-assign it to someone else, no problem.