Send command to device

So from my FLightaware ADSB page there is an option to send command to device (upgrade everything, restart PiAware, reboot device, halt device, etc)

None of these commands seem to do anything. WHat are the possible reasons these commands do not work?


Possible reasons include: you’re not using the standard piaware image/package or your modifications have taken the system far enough away from standard that the normal things don’t work; you have disabled remote commands on your install; your feeder is not connected to FA; you didn’t click the send-command button; there’s a bug in piaware or FA’s systems.

Than you. I think this was the problem:
" your feeder is not connected to FA"

Something went wrong and I had to physically unplug the power to reboot the Raspberry Pi.

Same here. I wonder why I can’t reboot the system through the PiAware sight.

What web browser are you using? I found out it works from Internet Explorer but not from Firefox.