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Send Command to Device

Pretty cool new option on your ADS-B page but it does not appear to work. I’ll send the command but nothing happens. When it does it will be very handy.

Check your piaware.out file to see if there are any messages when you click on ‘send command’. My system is set to not allow autoupdates. I tried the ‘restart piaware’ which resulted in the following in piaware.out:
12/17/2014 19:30:11 auto update (flightaware-initiated) requested by adept server
12/17/2014 19:30:11 autoUpdate is not configured in /etc/piaware or by piaware-config

Thanks Joel. How do you get to the piaware.out file.

I think it defaults to the directorty /tmp I use SSH to work on the Pi, cd /tmp and either cat piaware.out or just tail piaware.out.

Thanks Joel but I have no idea what any of that means.

I just sent you a PM (Private Message) look for the “N new messages” link at the top of the discussion page.

:bulb: We really need a FAQ. :bulb:


After turning autoupdate and manual update on and sudo piaware-config -restart,
I sent the command 'Upgrade all Installed Debian Packages". The console messages appeared in /tmp/piaware.out. Nice work, now to figure out why a few minor failures (expect config blunders on my part).

the reason it would not obey remote commands was that I still had 1.15. The reason I still had 1.15 is that you cannot upgrade a flashed SD card. I re-imaged the SD Card to 1.18 and the remote commands now work. You can all go back to work.