second RX on my Pi3


does anyone know if it’s possible to use two RX at the same time with my Pi 3? I’d like to use a second antenna looking in another direction than the first.


Using dump1090 you can add an airspy, Mode S Beast or Radarcape pretty easily. Just have it send timeless AVR data to port 30001. MLAT will stop working if it gets non-GPS timing signals from more than one receiver.

If you want to run another FA/RTL type dongle then look into modesmixer and modesdecoder

I’d like to use another rtl type dongle is there an easy way to implement? I’m not into coding.

I believe, Yes. You can tell dump1090 to only use a specific dongle based on serial number. You would have to run two separate dump1090’s for each dongle. Then pipe one’s output to the other for a single map?