1 pi, 2 antennas question

So I was thinking of ways to try and improve my setup, outside of getting it out outside and on the room. I was wondering, can piaware/dump1090-mut, handle inputs from 2 antennas on different sides of the house to send data to FA?

2 antennas connected to 2 dvb-t dongles pluged into 1 RPi?

Affirmative. that would be the plan… though with the new FA dongle, I don’t know if you can put 2 in a pi due to how big it is.

Well, you could always use a USB extension cable or an external hub to get two dongles attached. I never liked the large size of any of the dongles plugged straight into the pi, and have always used an extension or hub.

That said - with two dongles you’d have to be running two instances of dump1090.

obj gives an overview of how to do that here:


I could be wrong, and you’d have to ask obj to be sure, but you may only get MLAT data from the primary antenna.

It is possible in a number of ways.

I use one dongle for dump1090 and one for dump978. dump978 feeds into dump1090. (I have this setup running on two RPIs)

You can run two instances of dump1090, however, I think only one can run MLAT at a time(due to technical issues).
The second dump1090 send information to the first. This is then sent to Piaware and on to FA.

There are other examples of two RPIs being consolidated into a primary and that being fed to FA.

I think people are also working on ways to send FLARM (A European, lower power gliding version of ADS-B) into dump1090.

I have been running a single RPi setup for a while now using my setup scripts of course. :slight_smile:

1 Raspberry Pi 2 B
2 dongles
2 antennas (One tuned to 1090MHz another to 978MHz.)
A powered USB hub. (A very important piece to have running two dongles.)

Both dump1090 and dump978 are installed and running concurrently with dump978 feeding data it receives into dump1090 so that UAT data is sent out to sites such as FlightAware.

Hi guys,

Back from a break now, so back into it! :slight_smile:

Came across an article the other day that uses and RTL stick with an external GPS antenna to connect to ADS-B signals over INMARSAT…

(A project Im yet to get into - got the GPS antenna on order).

Related to the “two rtl sticks, 1 pi” topic here, I’m toying with the idea of having the two sticks running off the same Pi2.

One would be connected to my ADS-b hardware, and be collected by dump1090.

The other would be connected to the GPS antenna - and use a “tool” to send the collected signal data over the network for processing on my PC.

I believe one of the “RTL_xxx” tools can do this…

Apologies if this is off topic (It’s still ads-b!) , but could someone point me at this “send data over network” tool?