Add second rxer stick to Pi

Hi all,

I’m currently running a nooelec dongle on a Pi 2 B+ running dump1090-mutability and was hoping to add another dongle attached to another antenna (homebrew 1090Mhz yagi) to the same pi. I’m guessing I would have to run a separate instance of dump1090 for each dongle. Is this correct? Is there anything else to take into consideration?

I have separate 2.5A power supplies for the pi and the usb hub that the two dongles would be connected to so I don’t think power would be an issue.

Thanks for any advice.


I run two dongles and a GPIO GPS unit directly off an RPI2 and RPI3.
I have never had issues. Never used a USB hub.

Power problems are hit and miss. The Power supply and individual dongles are unique. What works for one may not work for another.

Hey Jon, I use the usb hub mainly because of the FA Pro stick and its case size. It’s impossible to attach two usb rxers and a usb wifi adapter to the Pi simultaneously.

Has anyone had any experience running two rxers off the one Pi before?

I use 6"/15cm USB extension cables. I bought decent quality USB 3.0 versions.
This caters for the crowding around the USB ports, is cheaper than a hub(sometimes) and does not require any extra power(I power my devices by POE as there is easy access to power in my attic). I know it adds another device to go wrong, however, it works for me. I also put a toroid/ferrite choke on them to limit interference.