Searching Diversions by New Destination

I work at an airport (KAUS) that gets a fair number of diversions (250-350 a year) from two major metropolitan areas; Dallas and Houston. We frequently see flights that were originally destined for IAH, HOU, DFW, and DAL. It would be beneficial to filter diverted flights enroute from everything else in real time.

I agree

I think it’s up to the FAA to send out the right info…
it ended up in KAUS and is scheduled from KAUS to KDFW, but no record of it landing in Austin.

You are right, FlightAware will show diversions that end up in Austin. The problem is, I don’t want to track every flight inbound for DFW, DAL, HOU, and IAH, possibly others too like SAT, to see which ones will end up coming to AUS. What I am trying to see are only the flights that were destined for one of those airports but are now coming my way.

If one looks at the normal tracker for a given airport, they will see arrivals, departures, enroute, and scheduled. Enroute will show everything headed my way. Most of those already have gates assigned. I am concerned about the 20 or so at a time that are headed my way that don’t otherwise have gates, ones that I will have to have some hands-on exposure to.

Personally, I think we do a good job of handling what is on the ground right now. We can do better if we know what is on the way. The hope is that an organization like FlightAware has a solution that can assist.

You can contact FlightAware at their commercial services division (link to the left) to see if they can make a specialized alert for you.